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Holiday 2020 By the Numbers

Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks influencers Eltoria and Taylor Wynn

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$1 Trillion:
Total Anticipated Holiday
2020 Season Sales

One trillion. 1,000,000,000,000.00. That’s a lot of zeroes, especially considering 2019’s record-breaking number of $730.2 billion in holiday sales, a 4.1% increase over 2018. Online shopping grew exponentially during the first months of Covid-19, and it’s still increasing. Even before the pandemic, ecommerce sales were growing an average of 5x faster than in-store purchasing.

Be prepared for a long, profitable holiday season!

$51 Million:
Estimated Cyber Weekend
2020 eCommerce Sales

Shoppers are starting earlier than ever, but Cyber Weekend (11/27 – 11/29) will still be a time for huge discounts. Many retailers are sitting on a LOT of in-store inventory after a dismal year of in-person sales, so they’ll be looking to offload it online at a great price.

Be ready to post lots of short-term deals during Cyber Weekend, especially on IG Stories, TikTok, Twitter, and Facebook! Pre-schedule deals as much as you can, to save time.

Consumers Who Bought An
Item After Seeing It On YouTube

YouTube is a crucial starting point to the 4-stage customer journey:

  1. Watching: A consumer seeking inspiration & entertainment, sees a product they like.
  2. Learning: A consumer wants information, pros & cons, solutions about the product.
  3. Finding: Ready to purchase, a consumer seeks out product availability, pricing, location, and convenience – how fast can they get it?
  4. Buying: The final step in the journey

Create holiday content that anticipates the four steps of the journey: Informative, honest, entertaining, and with lots of ready-to-shop links to the same item at different stores (or dupes). Shipping costs and speeds will also be a deciding factor for many, so point to retailers with fast and/or free shipping!

2 Months:
The Holiday Shopping
Process Begins

In a typical year, many consumers begin planning & purchasing for the holiday season in mid-November. With Covid-19 impacting inventory and shipping, those numbers are changing:

  • 20% will start shopping in October (or even earlier)
  • 49% will start shopping in November, with 24% of those between November 21-30 (Black Friday is 11/27/20)
  • 24% will start shopping in November, and 32% plan to be finished between December 11-20

Many retailers are starting Black Friday-level sales in October – promote deals as you find them to encourage early impulse buys.

Projected Increase In
US eCommerce Sales

In-person retail may drop by as much as 10.5%, with consumers venturing online more than ever. eCommerce, on the other hand, will balloon by up to 18% during the 2020 holiday season.

Your fans are more willing to buy online this year. Upload your long-form holiday content (gift guide, how-to’s, GRWMs, etc) now!

15 Seconds (Or Less):
The Average Attention
Span of Viewers

Know what “thumbstoppy” means? Creating a video that’s immediately so eye-catching that scrollers HAVE to stop and watch. Given that we’re all inundated with ads and videos everywhere we go online, you’ve got to hook your audience within the first 3-5 seconds, and deliver the most impactful info or enticement within 15 seconds – or else, they’ll keep scrolling.

Long-form content (gift guides etc) is great, but plan and post lots of short form videos (IG Reels, TikTok, etc) to showcase deals, quick product reviews, or tips.

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