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Our 3 Best Secrets To Lasting YouTube Stardom

The influencer marketing industry is raking in billions of dollars every year. Why? Influencers are more trusted than celebrity spokespersons, because they radiate authenticity. This has lead to huge paychecks, product lines, fanatical followers, collabs, and more. It’s a hard job, but a very rewarding one.

All too often, though, creators’ minutes of fame are up before they know it. Millions of new wannabe YouTubers are jockeying for the spotlight, and unless you’re constantly working to stay ahead of the game, you’ll be last week’s news faster than you can say, “But I’m YouTube famous!” Read on for three of MagicLinks’ best tips for keeping your star in the spotlight for good.

1. Your Fans Like YOU, Not Brands

No matter what a creator has become famous for – makeup tutorials, Minecraft livestreams, knitting, nail art, or even (ewwww) pimple popping – they’ll only stay famous in the long term if they have an appealing personality that shines through every video, photo, tweet, and blog post.

Does your personality evolve over time? Sure. No one is the exact same person they were 2 years ago. Do you have better filming equipment and editing software than you did, resulting in more professional, polished-looking content? Sure. The one thing that should never, EVER change about your channels is that they need to be a natural extension and reflection of you. Not a brand. Not a place. Not what’s trending. YOU.

2. Be Ahead of the Trends

The latest video tag or challenge is tons of fun – especially for the person who came up with it in the first place. Staying ahead of trends is key to your content not getting lost in the flood of people uploading videos about a topic.

Keep an eye on what’s going on in your general content vertical (beauty, tech, cooking), and an even closer eye on your niche + related niches within that vertical (budget beauty, gaming equipment, Indian cooking). You want to be part of the overall larger conversation, but also making sure that your content is bringing a new, distinctive voice that viewers can’t wait to see more of.

L-R: MagicLinks Creators, Gretchen Geraghty, Morgan Yates, and Nastasza Barrett do an amazing job of letting their viewers into their real lives, creating trends, and always letting their true selves shine through in videos.

3. Let Viewers In

While we’re all for protecting your online privacy, creators should balance that with letting viewers see their real lives. Follow Me Around and Behind the Scenes videos often get TONS more views, likes, and clicks than standard tutorial or review videos. Why? Because fans like feeling like they’re your real-life friend: Going to Starbucks with you, cleaning out your closet with you, or eating dinner with you. Getting an honest, unvarnished peek into the “real you” will always keep subscribers coming back for more.



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