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The Importance of Protecting Your Online Privacy

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In 2017, we’re so used to everyone oversharing online that it honestly doesn’t seem weird anymore. Pictures of your dinner? #tbt baby pictures of you in nothing but a diaper? Pictures of you getting a crown at the dentist? All totally normal, these days.

Also totally normal? Hearing news stories about data hacks and identity theft. (insert sad trombone sound here)

All this oversharing online makes for great content, but above all, you want to protect your privacy. It’s awesome when a subscriber sees you at Starbucks and asks for a selfie, but no one wants a stalker to show up on their doorstep – we’ve all heard PewDiePie, Trisha Paytas, and Zoella’s stalker stories. So, below, we’re giving you our favorite tips for protecting your privacy as a social media creator.

Separate Contact Info
This should go without saying, but NEVER give out your address in videos or social media posts. Keep a P.O. box for mail, a separate social media-only email address, and never give out info like middle names, social security numbers, etc.

Blur, Baby, Blur
Doing a vlog in your front yard? Blur out the house number and street name. Car vlog, a la Grav3yardGirl’s famous tea vlogs? Blur out the license plate number and any easily identifiable features. Opening subscriber mail on camera? Blur out their addresses to protect them. Basically, any trackable information should be hidden.

Don’t forget to keep your birthdate a secret, either – you’d be surprised how easy it is to find someone’s info using JUST their name and birthdate.

Anticipation Is NOT Your Friend
Don’t talk about planned trips until after they happen. Just as you’d never post that you’re going on vacation on Facebook, in order to prevent thieves from knowing when you’re not home, you should never tell everyone in your subscriber list where you’re going until AFTER you’ve returned.

Password Protected
A strong password is crucial to protecting your online privacy – you would be surprised how many people use the same password for EVERY online account, from Amazon to Twitter, or use “PASSWORD1234”. Not smart. Regularly change your passwords – and consider investing in a password generator & keeper like Dashlane or Keeper.

Consider An Alternative Name
Many YouTubers go by nicknames or pseudonyms, just like Hollywood stars. Others refuse to reveal their last name, which is another good way to keep things private.

Google Yourself Regularly
Wanna know what’s being said about you and what information is being shared? Google it. Sites like Pipl will pull in deep web search results that might scare you, but it’s good to know which areas you need to shore up your privacy.



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