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New Ways to Make Money on Instagram In 2021: Ad Revenue, Subscriptions, and More!

Until recently, Instagram influencers only made money on Instagram through affiliate links + brand campaigns. Testing Live Badges in fall 2020, however, indicates IG execs are working on monetizing Instagram in new ways.

Instagram’s head, Adam Mosseri, told The Verge podcast that, “…{if] we want to be the No. 1 place for creators, we need to make sure that we offer a suite of services that they find meaningful and valuable as opposed to just one type of unstable value, which is distribution.”

Three methods for influencers to get paid on Instagram are in the works: Revenue Share, User-Pay Products, and Commerce (shopping).

How To Make Money On Instagram With Commerce

Instagram Commerce is the platform’s existing monetization feature, where brands pay Instagram to enable in-app purchasing from their pages. Influencers, on the other hand, earn via affiliate links & sponsored content.

Unfortunately, just one link at a time is currently allowed in posts & bios. That’s why MagicLinks created ObsessedWith.It, allowing creators to link products, post-by-post, in a shoppable mobile feed.

Using ObsessedWith.It, Instagram’s one link in bio becomes thousands of links!

Naomi Boyer monetizes her Instagram with MagicLinks ObsessedWithIt

@naomiboyer monetizes Instagram, YouTube, and more with ObsessedWith.It!

MagicLinks creators who use ObsessedWith.It earn an average of THREE TIMES THE COMMISSIONS vs. linking alone. Some MagicLinks influencers make six figures a year, JUST from affiliate linking through ObsessedWith.It. We’ll wait while you pick your jaw up off the floor. 😱

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How To Get Paid On Instagram With User-Pay Products


Mosseri stated that Instagram has more user-pay features planned for 2021. Besides IG Badges, which allow fans to tip creators during live streams, Instagram subscriptions and gated content are in the works. Potential gated content formats include newsletters, courses, and more.

How To Monetize Instagram With Revenue Share

Currently, Instagram’s testing 15-second ads in IGTV videos, and is planning to pay creators a 55% cut of ad revenue. Unfortunately, though, there’s no platform-wide release date!

In the meantime, monetize your Stories and IGTVs with Swipe Up links to ObsessedWith.It pages. ObsessedWith.It keeps subscribers scrolling, then purchasing, through your links!

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