Getting Started with MagicLinks

Check Us Out on the We Are LA Tech Podcast with Espree Devora!


If you weren’t aware, MagicLinks is a startup company. Like, a started-in-an-apartment-in-Santa-Monica-California-by-a-guy-with-a-dream startup. So, we’re devoted to sharing our knowledge of startups with fellow dreamers and doers, and recently, we were featured on the We Are LA Tech podcast.

WeAreLATech is a podcast that focuses solely on startups in Los Angeles, a city famous for chewing up businesses and spitting them out faster than you can say “YouTube.” Nevertheless, startups fuel the city, and LA is now a top destination for technology and innovation. The podcast features LA startups, investors, and tech influencers every week, and it’s a must-listen even if you don’t live in Los Angeles.


Host Espree Devora interviewed our CEO and co-founder, Brian Nickerson, about MagicLinks, and you’ve gotta check it out! Congrats, Brian!

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