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Best Practices for Sharing Links on Social Media

Looking for another way to earn with your Magic Links besides adding links to your blog posts and Youtube videos? Have you tried incorporating links in your social media posts? Social media is a highly interactive platform and can be a great avenue for helping your fans find your favorite products or see the latest deals at your favorite stores.

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Now, don’t go link crazy and add a Magic Links in every update. That will just annoy your fans and help you lose followers. Find a strategic way to include links that comes across helpful and authentic. Here are our best practices for sharing links on social media.

1. Product Links

Did you just find the perfect dress for fall and also saved 40% on it? First of all, congratulations on scoring that awesome deal, and second, this is shareable information. Share the good news on social media with an awesome picture of the dress and your product link.

2. Store Links

Do you just love shopping at Anthropologie, but realize the prices are a little high for yourself and your audience? Who doesn’t? Share a store link from Anthropologie to help your audience find the latest deals at Anthropologie. They will love that you’re helping them save at your favorite stores. Don’t forget to add a picture and something interesting about why you love Anthropologie so much. People will relate to people who are authentic and not pushy.

3. Department Links

Do you focus on a specific type of content? Maybe your niche is beauty, fashion,  home decor, fitness, or something else? No matter what your niche is, we have a department for it on Chippmunk. We work with over 1,000 retailers in different categories to help diversify your monetization efforts. Share all of the top deals going on in beauty with your audience by creating a beauty department link.

Add some compelling content with your link to increase your click-through rate. Whether you focus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram , or Google +, Chippmunk Rewards links can help your fans find deals and help you monetize your content.


Have any tips that have worked for you? Share in the comments!

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