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Provide Value to Subscribers, and Commissions Will Follow

Monetizing your social media channels and/or blog is great, we won’t lie – that’s why MagicLinks exists, after all! But… If you’re not providing a value or service to folks, they’re not going to click and buy.

What do we mean by value or service? Read on!

Think about your favorite vloggers in your content niche: They’re positioning themselves as experts in their field. Even if they don’t have a formal education in, say, makeup or computer gaming programming, they have been working in the industry and using lots of different products, so they’ve developed their own breadth of knowledge. You trust what they say about the latest Too Faced eye shadow palette or God Of War game, so when they recommend something, you’re more likely to click and buy.

Is pure entertainment a valuable service? Sure it is! That’s why people go to the movies, right? But that’s not the only thing that drives people to purchase social media influencer-recommended products. Subscribers want to feel that you are teaching them something and that they’re being both entertained AND educated – even if they don’t consciously know they want to be educated.

Inspiring a user to finally try highlighting-and-contouring, or making them believe that yes, they CAN rock that crop top to the beach? That’s a value. Teaching a subscriber how to access the hidden easter eggs in the newest Kingdom Hearts game, or how to livestream their own gaming? That’s a service.

There are approximately one frabjillion (not an exaggeration) social media influencers. What makes you stand out? What makes people want to follow YOU and buy what YOU recommend? Finding just the right under-used niche in your content vertical, and focusing on it. Become the expert in that field, and over time, people will come to trust your opinions (see above) and buy what you recommend through your affiliate links.

In this era of “I can get anything I want instantly”, many new social media content creators get frustrated when they’re not an overnight success, earning $50,000 a month within two months of starting their channel. We get it. You want to be a star! Going viral with one outrageous or scandalous post isn’t necessarily going to lead to lasting stardom, though.

We’ll say this one time, loud and clear: Lasting stardom and monetization takes time. It starts small, but with lots of hard work, it will build and build and build. You can do it, but you’ve gotta be patient.

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