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4 Crazy-Simple Ways to Maximize Your MagicLinks This Holiday Season

As of today, October 15, 2018, there are just 70 shopping days left ’til Christmas. Considering how many presents most of us have to buy, that’s not a long time at ALL!

What does this mean for YouTube creators? It means you need to start uploading your holiday videos NOW: Gift guides, hauls, shop with me, decorate with me – the whole shebang. Read on for 4 ridiculously simple ways to maximize your MagicLinks use this holiday season, and earn major commissions!

1. Look For High Retailer Ratings

When you’re looking for a new Thai restaurant on Yelp, or choosing from Uber drivers for a trip to the airport, what do you look at first? The rating. How many stars out of 5 did they get? It’s an easy way to sort the results at a glance, right?

We’ve designed the MagicLinks Retailer Ratings system with the same idea in mind. Each one of our 2,500+ retail partners is ranked on a 1-5 numeric scale, based on 12 different factors, including:

  • Commission Rate
  • Cookie Duration
  • Sales Funnel Solutions
  • Cashback & Coupon Site Commission Loss
  • Mobile Shopping Site
  • Cross-Device Shopping
  • International Shopping + Shipping Options
  • Overall Buying Experience
  • Online Favored
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Product Exclusivity
  • Miscellaneous

The higher the number out of 5, the more dedicated that retailer is to rewarding influencers for driving sales to the retailer, making it quick & easy to select products at high-ranking retailers

2. Create Links As You Shop With Our Browser Extensions

The MagicLinks Chrome and Firefox extensions make it easy to not only create links as you shop, but also make up to 10 links at once with the Link Wizard feature. Just copy + paste product names into Link Wizard, and our software will automatically find those products at MagicLinks partner retailers.

Bonus: MagicLinks browser extensions also display Retailer Ratings when you Google for stores and products!

3. Add Links To EVERY Post

Never pass up an opportunity to link. EVER. Linking to everything you mention in your videos, plus what you’re wearing, your filming/editing equipment, and what’s in your filming room, is always a good idea.

Pro Tip: Adding a minimum of 10-12 links per video
can DOUBLE your current revenue with MagicLinks!

4. Call Out Your Links

Let your fans know that you’re making their holiday shopping a cinch by linking everything you mention in the description box. Most of the time, viewers don’t read video descriptions beyond the initial excerpt, so! (And don’t forget that FTC affiliate link disclosure…)

*Cover image adapted from Leapfrog Tours

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