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MagicLinks, at our core, is about turning moments of inspiration into action. While we started in e-commerce, our founder's dream has always been to live this mission on a much larger scale. For us, this might take form over a multi-year-multi-million-reach mission, or an all-hands-on-deck rally to support.

As a partner for digital creators who have massive influence and can drive action, MagicLinks actively creates channels for influencers to collectively use their leadership for good.

Our Mission


In the 4th quarter of 2019, MagicLinks for Good, in partnership with Orphaned Starfish Foundation, rallied to raise over $10,000 to help build and supply a technology center for 1,000 underprivileged youth of the Ojibwe Tribe Boys & Girls Club on Leech Lake Reservation in Minnesota.

In the U.S., Native American Reservations have the most urgent need for help. Fewer than 10% of homes on tribal lands have access to the internet. The Leech Lake Bank in particular struggles with high rates of alcoholism and drug use, and most of the children in the Boys & Girls Club live in extreme poverty. Only 10% of Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe children go on to higher education (compared to 29% of the general population).

OSF's partnership with the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Boys and Girls Clubs is on the Reservation and directly helps at-risk youth by offering tech-based education, job training and placement assistance. Along they way they help orphans, victims of abuse, trafficking survivors — 40% of US sex trafficking victims are indigenous and 72% of all victims are younger than twenty-five — and help break the twin cycles of abuse and poverty. The goal is to help youths secure university admission and land employment achievements they need to become self-reliant, positive role models in their communities.

MagicLinks' funds helped to hire teachers and supply the only access for technology learning, the only training in basic computing and Microsoft Office, and the only access to the internet for the children served by the Native Boys and Girls Clubs in the Leech Lake Reservation and surrounding reservations.


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