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MagicLinks For Good
Raising $50K by March 31st
for Orphaned Starfish Foundation

MagicLinks is passionate about inspiring creators to use their
influence to spread awareness and effect true, lasting change.

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MagicLinks, at our core, is about connecting moments of inspiration to action. While we started in e-commerce, our founder's dream has always been to live this mission on a much larger scale. As a partner for digital creators who have massive influence and can drive action, MagicLinks actively creates channels for influencers to collectively use their leadership for good.

MagicLinks for Good, in partnership with The Orphaned Starfish Foundation, is our springboard to create positive change for children in the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe community in Minnesota through education and dream actualization. OSF is near and dear to our hearts: Jennifer Piña, our Director of Global Brand Partnerships, volunteered at an OSF center in the Dominican Republic. This experience changed not only her life but the lives of every student she worked with.

MagicLinks' goal is to raise $50,000 in one year for The Orphaned Starfish Foundation. We are excited to tackle this fundraising challenge, and to support the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe community through technology, relationships, and connections. We can't do it alone, so we need YOUR help!

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The Orphaned Starfish Foundation (OSF) is dedicated to helping orphans, victims of abuse, survivors of trafficking, indigenous children, and at-risk youth break the cycle of abuse and poverty through technology-based education, job training, and job placement assistance. OSF serves 13,000 children at 62 technology centers in 27 countries. OSF's goal is that program graduates will have access to the universities of their choice and/or obtain employment achievements that help students become self-reliant and positive contributors to their communities.

With the support of MagicLinks’ contribution, OSF will develop a new center to provide technology education and job training to the 950 children that are served by The Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe Boys and Girls Clubs on Leech Lake Reservation in Cass Lake, Minnesota. Most of these students live in extreme poverty and face geographic isolation. Only 10% of Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe children go on to higher education compared to 29% of the general population: Let’s change this!


OSF will build a technology center on-site at the Boys and Girls Club to help these children develop the skills they need to complete their coursework, obtain high school diplomas, and explore options for higher education.

Interested in partnering with MagicLinks & OSF?
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