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WWD: Brands’ Diversified Holiday Campaigns Led to Greater Engagement and Conversion

Report: Beauty Brands Returned to Posting Darker Skin Tones Over Holidays: Brands’ diversified holiday campaigns led to greater engagement and conversion, according to reports from Eyecue and MagicLinks.

“Andrea Renee was the top-performing influencer in a Sephora campaign run by MagicLinks. Influencers of color garnered a click rate three times higher than the norm in the campaign, which drove an engagement rate 52 percent above goal. Additionally, the view-through rate was 110 percent higher than expected.

In a Giorgio Armani Beauty holiday campaign, Monroe Steele garnered a conversion rate three times higher than her peers’, as well as the highest amount of engagement. The campaign drove an engagement rate of 8.5 percent — twice the industry average — and a view-through rate of about 14 percent — four times the industry average.”

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