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Weekly Social Media Trends: All About the 90s, Baggy Fits, and #SuperBowl Memes

Staying on the top of the latest social media trends is KEY to growing your social channels & earning more commissions. Check out this week’s trends below!

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Beauty Social Media Trends

The 90s have made a full-on comeback in fashion and now it’s beauty’s time to have its moment. We’re talking mullets, shag haircuts, thin brows, bangs, dark lips, cat eyes, smudged eye makeup, hair accessories, and monochromatic brown looks, HONEY! Be prepared for 90s punk looks to make center stage with no other than the queen Miley Cyrus leading the pack. Tbh, we’re here for it.

Retro colorful liner looks are a VIBE and we’re seeing tons of 60s-inspired eye makeup trending on TikTok and Instagram. Think Twiggy’s iconic bold liner and pops of electric blue — ICONIC. Work with what your mama gave you and accentuate those eyes with bold colors, bbs!

What’s all the hype around L’Oreal’s New Infallible Powder Foundation? TikTok creators can’t seem to stop raving about the coverage it gives! We smell a hot new product that’s about to wipe all drugstores from this product. A quick and easy way to create content with this product is to do a first impression on your IG Story or TikTok. Capitalize on the hype and start linking to this hot new product ASAP!


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♬ original sound – elijah


Fashion Social Media Trends

The highly-discussed debate is settled: skinny jeans are out and wide-fit, straight-leg jeans are IN! Well, according to Gen-Z that is. We’re seeing the arbiters of today’s fashion denounce skinny jeans and fully embrace baggy jeans with open arms. This is a full. blown. 90s. takeover. Now if only we can get 90s R&B to come back…

How cute does MagicLinks babe Nazjaa look?! We see you rocking those loose threads, sis!! Get her look and find some of these trendy pieces from MagicLinks partner brands we love like Missguided, PrettyLittleThing and ASOS! You’re welcome 😉

Pop Culture & Entertainment Trends

The Weeknd’s Super Bowl performance… ’nuff said. The Weeknd’s most recent performance had taken the internet by storm, complete with memes pulled from his carnival-esque hall of mirrors. But all jokes and memes aside, he invested $7MM of his own money for this performance, and we have no choice but to stan.



Twitter has also been popping off with Malcom & Marie discussions centered around the raw nature of the relationship between the two (starring John David Washington and Zendaya). If there’s anything we learned from the success of Euphoria and Zendaya’s work, it’s that anything this girl stars in/produces, it’s sure to be a HIT.

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Cover images courtesy of ET Online, @rocio.roses, and @nazjaa.

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