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Where You Link To: Just as Important as How Much You Link

Did you know that where you MagicLink to is just as important as how many MagicLinks you create? It’s true, and part of why we developed the MagicLinks Retailer Ratings system!

Many online retailers use last-click attribution to award affiliate commissions: Whichever affiliate link a shopper clicked last, gets the commission. So, even if you influenced the sale to begin with and got the first click, but a shopper later clicked through to the merchant through a coupon or cashback site…. You’re not getting the sale. Not fair, right? Nope.

What can you do to keep your commissions?

    1. Avoid linking to cashback & coupon sites (i.e. RetailMeNot, Ebates, etc) in your video description boxes along with your MagicLinks.

    2. Choose to link to retailers who have a high score on the “Lack of Cashback & Coupon Site Commission Loss” portion of their Retailer Rating.

    3. Do your research, and provide your followers with codes, sales, and free shipping offers up front with your MagicLinks. We post codes & deals on the private, Majestic creators-only @magiclinksbrandnews Instagram, in our weekly creator newsletters, and here on the MagicLinks blog.

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