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When and How To Post To Beat the YouTube Algorithm

When you’re trying to grow your YouTube channel, the subscriber homepage can make or break you. If subscribers see your video on their homepage suggestions when they log in, it makes them much more likely to read it. Videos get the most views and engagements in the first 24-48 hours, so maximizing your videos’ reach is CRUCIAL.

When to post? Read on!

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Peak Days & Times


On weekdays, YouTube traffic is highest from 7pm-10pm CST/EST, but that doesn’t mean that’s the right time to upload a new video. YouTube indexes videos, just as Google indexes blog content, so posting a few hours ahead of peak time will mean your video gets indexed and is more likely to show up in search results.

  • Monday: Between 2pm-4pm CST/EST
  • Tuesday: Between 2pm-4pm CST/EST
  • Wednesday: Between 2pm-4pm CST/EST
  • Thursday: Between 12pm-3pm CST/EST
  • Friday: Between 12pm-3pm CST/EST


  • Saturday: Between 10am-11am CST/EST
  • Sunday: Between 10am-11am CST/EST

Set A Consistent Posting Schedule

Many popular channels advertise that they post new videos on a certain day and time every week, whether that’s Sunday morning at 11am PST or Tuesday evening at 7pm EST. Why? To get people to tune in, in the hopes of snagging the coveted first view or comment.

Encourage Fans To Subscribe *AND* Click the Notification Bell

Of course, you want to always, ALWAYS tell folks to subscribe to your channel – but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll see your videos first. Tell ‘em to click that bell-shaped notification button, so they’ll instantly get a notification button whenever you post.

Pro Tip: Remind fans to click “All” on the dropdown menu under the notification bell, as YouTube often “neglects” to tell subscribers about videos if they select the “Personalized” option.

Check Your Channel’s Analytics

The above “prime times” for posting aside, it’s important to check your channel’s analytics often, in order to find out when YOUR videos are getting the most views and engagement. Then, you can start to tailor your posting and livestream times to better suit your channel’s audience.

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Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks creators Hannah Bronfman, Lauren Giraldo, and Marcel Bronfuss

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