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VidCon 2021: Release Dates, Ticket Prices, and More

Vidcon Is BACK &
Better Than Ever!

Like so many things in 2020 – our jobs, our social lives, our shopping – events like VidCon 2020 went 100% online. Well, all we can say is, thanks be to the god of content creators, because Vidcon 2021 is back, and it’ll be LIVE! And virtual. (Don’t worry, we’ll explain.)

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Featured creators at this year’s VidCon include the Montoya Twinz, Molly Burke, Isra Hirsi, Trevi Morgan, Alan Chikin Chow, and more. Industry panelists & speakers have yet to be announced, but Vidcon never disappoints on that front.

When and Where Is VidCon 2021?

Vidcon 2021 is scheduled for October 21-24, 2021, at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA.

Vidcon 2021: Hybrid Tickets

3 types of tickets will be available at Vidcon 2021: Creator Track, Community Track, and Industry Track.

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Given that Covid-19 continues to make travel unsafe for many, offering online Vidcon passes is a natural solution. Each VidCon 2021 tier offers access to different panels, lounges, concerts, events, and workshops. At this time, attendees can choose from three ticket types, both in online or in-person formats:

  1. Community Track: For fans. A $90 three-day pass includes an entry into the meet & greet lottery. Single-day tickets cost $45.
  2. Creator Track: For influencers. The $130 three-day pass includes entry into both the creator chat and meet & greet lotteries.
  3. Industry Track: For industry professionals, i.e. marketers, brands, and agents. The $575 fee includes entry into both the creator chat and meet & greet lotteries.

VidCon is also planning a $199 one-year, on-demand pass for Creator & Industry Track content from Vidcon 2021 events. This promises to be a FANTASTIC tool for creators looking to get more subscribers and grow their brands. We recommend creators purchase the on-demand pass – it’ll be WELL worth the money in the long run.

Covid-19 Safety Measures
at VidCon 2021

VidCon isn’t playing around when it comes to creator & guest safety. They plan to require face coverings, social distancing, and regular temperature checks. Failure to comply with these safety measures may result in the attendee being expelled from the convention center, without a refund.

But Wait, There’s More…

We’ll continue to update this article with the latest Vidcon 2021 news, but recommend that all creators attend (either online or in-person). Vidcon is a crucial learning & networking event for the social media industry: If you want to take your channels from side hustle to full-time career, you can.not.miss.VidCon.

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  1. Hey! What creators will be on the online course? Will the animators be there by any chance?

    1. Hi Vanessa,

      VidCon has released a list of Featured Creators, but have not yet released a full schedule of panels & panelists. As soon as they do, we’ll update this post, so stay tuned!


      1. Hi so I was wondering what would be my best ticket choice to do the mr bees gumball machine and the human claw machine

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