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Your 2021 Strategy: 4 Key Social Media Trends Influencers Need To Plan For

We’re ready to hit the ground running in 2021 and leave 2020 behind in the dust. Want to crush your channel goals in 2021? Keep reading for four 2021 social media trends that will be huge in the coming year – and plan your content calendar accordingly!

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1. Live Streaming Is Going To Get Even BIGGER

Facebook live. YouTube live. Instagram live. Tiktok Live. Every social media platform has, or is developing, live-streaming capabilities. While these live-streams can be recorded and added to your channel as an evergreen video (with monetizable ads, naturally), platforms are working on ways to help creators earn during the live stream itself. Instagram has tipping & badges, YouTube has SuperChat, and Facebook has Stars. At this time, TikTok doesn’t offer a live streaming tipping method, but you can direct your fans to your #linkinbio, where you *should* already have your ObsessedWith.It linked… Right?

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❤️ The Organized Soprano’s 2020 livestreams – check the MagicLinks in the video description! *swoon*

Key Creator Takeaway

Plan regular livestreams (weekly, every 2 weeks, etc) so your fans get excited to join you, and don’t forget those CTAs to shop your ObsessedWith.It!

2. Social Listening & Causes

2020 had everyone evaluating what was most important to them – and that translated into where they spent their money. Consumers are more aware of global issues, and are looking to purchase from brands – and creators – that tackle these issues head-on.

Naakie Nartley’s Everlane video focuses on sustainable fashion – look good while you’re doing good, right?

Key Creator Takeaway

Sustainability? Diversity & inclusion? Body positivity? Whichever causes you’re most passionate about, do some research to find brands that share your values. Create organic content about them, tag them, and encourage civil discussions and engagement with your fans.

3. Virtual Events > In-Person Events

Covid-19 canceled events at first, but then, folks got creative. Zoom weddings, happy hours, and baby showers were everywhere, and brands took note. Virtual events became huge marketing opportunities to engage fans that, even under normal circumstances, might not have the $$ for tickets + travel to an in-person event.

Heck, many companies even set up virtual video calls with Santa! (Speaking from experience, the five minutes I waited to get connected for our family’s pre-booked appointment with Mr. & Mrs. Claus was infinitely more pleasant than standing in line in an overheated mall for eight zillion hours with two small children. #YMMV)

TikTok partnered with Fortnite and rapper Travis Scott to host a virtual live concert in the Fortnite game, and over 12.3 MILLION players logged in to take part in the event. In case you wondered, there isn’t an arena on Earth that can hold 12.3 million fans. The engagement levels were through the roof, and it brought new fans to all the major names in the event. Win-win.

Key Creator Takeaway

Virtual meet-n-greets? Why not! Vidcon did it, so you can, too! Use Zoom, Google Hangouts, or other video conferencing sites, and have your fans pre-register for time slots. Then, they get a few minutes to chat directly with you, and pose for a screenshot selfie!

4. Nostalgia FTW

Partly motivated by “Ah, the things we took for granted in the Before Times” feelings (and, okay, quarantine boredom) during Covid-19, nostalgia-based marketing & content was HUGE in 2020, and will only get more popular in 2021.

MagicLinks creator, Jaime French, has been killing it with her Makeup & Movies series, where she reviews an old movie and does a makeup look to go along with it. Our fave is her review of 2002’s Britney Spears classic, Crossroads. #leavebritneyalone

Key Creator Takeaway

While we’re all still adjusting to the realities of Covid life, and waiting for the vaccine, indulge your fans with some nostalgia-themed content. #backintheday

*Cover images courtesy of MagicLinks creators Khoi Nguyen of Gentleman Within, Gretchen Geraghty, and Michelle Choi are looking forward to a 2021 so bright, they’ve gotta wear shades!

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