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Trying to Grow Your Channels? Don’t Neglect Snapchat!

After Kylie Jenner made Snapchat’s market value decrease by $1.3 billion with a single tweet in February 2018, a lot of influencers abandoned the platform altogether. Brands haven’t, though, with an estimated 28% of them using Snapchat for organic and paid advertisements.

Snaps only live for a day, but their reach can be very wide. Because of Snapchat’s restrictions, most branded influencer content you see on Snapchat is paid, and must be disclosed (which is always a good idea).

How can you use Snapchat to grow your other channels?

  • Host a Q&A where you answer fans’ Snapchatted questions during an IGTV or YT video
  • Promote your newest video on Snapchat with swipe-up links to shop
  • Post about flash sales on your fave items, with swipe-up MagicLinks to shop
  • Do behind-the-scenes content, or live follow me arounds
  • Tease your exclusive Snap content on your other channels, and vice versa
  • Start a storyline on another channel (i.e. Instagram Stories), and finish it on Snapchat

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