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TikTok increases video description length

    • Creators on TikTok now have more real estate to optimize content for search, now that the platform has increased the video description length from 300 characters to 2,200
    • This will allow for more in-depth engagement with viewers with longer-form content to pair with videos.

TikTok Dislike Button rolls out globally to all users

    • After testing the feature since April, TikTok announced they officially released the feature as a way for people to “identify comments they believe to be irrelevant or inappropriate.”

TikTok bereal competative feature

Image via TikTok

TikTok launches “Now,” a BeReal copycat feature. 

    • TikTok Now is the newest way to be entertained and connect with others on TikTok – a daily photo and video experience to share your most authentic moments with the people who matter the most.” via TikTok


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