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Link Your TikTok To Your Instagram & Earn

Tik Tok is currently beta testing allowing creators to add links to their Tik Tok bios and videos, but it’s not in widespread release, just yet. The only way creators can monetize their Tik Tok directly on the platform is through brand deals, negotiated off-platform.

Interim, genius solution? Connect your Insta to your Tik Tok bio and call it out in your Tik Tok videos & video descriptions.

How do you do it?

In your Tik Tok bio, just tap tap “Edit Profile” and then tap the “Edit” icon. Below the bio & website link sections, add your Instagram username to connect the profile. That’s it!

You can also add your YouTube channel link, but Instagram is best for encouraging fans to click & buy on impulse, especially through Instagram Stories.

Make sure you create ObsessedWith.It pages for your most popular Tik Tok videos, and verbally call out your IG handle in both the video itself and the video description, plus a CTA (Call To Action) like,

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Want to earn money on your TikTok? Join MagicLinks!

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