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WWD: Influencers Are Driving Sales Through Texting Using MagicLinks Text2Shop

“Texting is helping influencers drive sales during the pandemic.

MagicLinks has been seeing success with its Text2Shop influencer feature, meant to help video-based influencers monetize their content. The feature drove more than $200,000 in sales by three influencers in a 14-day period, according to the company.

Speaking to WWD, MagicLinks’ global creative strategy and diversity, equity and inclusion lead, Bryan Mirabal said the success is a result of timing — ‘people are at home and more tuned-in with their phones’ — and the opt-in feature, which demonstrates an increased intent to purchase.

“It’s not like you’re receiving a spammy text message,’ Mirabal said. “People are going in and sharing their information so that they can receive these messages. They’re very clear on what they’re signing up for.'”

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