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Increase Clicks & Engagement When You Start the Story on Instagram + Finish It on Facebook


Some of your subscribers follow you on all your platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook, etc. Most, however, probably only follow you on one or two of your platforms. It’s nothing against you, it’s more that they prefer certain social networks over others.

How can you, then, hook your audience across platforms, increasing engagement rates, comments, views, and most importantly, clicks on your MagicLinks? There’s a lot of ways to do it, but one new way is gaining some brands and influencers a lot of traction:

Start a piece of content on Instagram Stories, and finish it on Facebook Stories.

For example: Start an OOTD on Instagram Stories, and finish it on your Facebook Stories. Here’s how:

1. Create MagicLinks for all of the items in your OOTD, and post individual Instagram Stories for each item in the outfit, bonus points if the photo or video in the Story is of you wearing that item. Be sure to add a swipe up to shop Call To Action + MagicLinks to each post (one link per Instagram Story is recommended).


2. In the final post, tease that you’re going to reveal the final full look on Facebook Stories, with a link to your FB page. On Facebook, post a Story with an image/short video with your full outfit.



Do this regularly, and you’ll see an increase in your swipe ups, link clicks, engagement, and more. This kind of forward-thinking teaser content is like a social media scavenger hunt that subscribers can’t wait to solve, and may gain you new Facebook AND Instagram followers!

P.S. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, you should enable your account to automatically cross-post your Instagram Stories to Facebook Stories, and your Instagram feed photos to your Facebook page (just click on “Settings” on your profile, and enable “Facebook” under “Linked Accounts”).



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