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How to Make It On YouTube: 9 Steps to Turn Your Channel Into Your Career

Learn how to become an influencer and how to make money on YouTube & Instagram on the new MagicLinks YouTube channel!

“YouTuber” has replaced “Rock Star or Movie Star” as the world’s dream profession – and it’s not hard to see why. Seemingly regular people become famous for being themselves, not by pretending to be someone else or spending years learning to play musical instruments, write music, or study acting. It’s the ultimate get-rich-and-famous-quick scheme: Many top YouTubers have better name + face recognition than most movie stars or musicians!

But… How do you become YouTube famous for more than just one viral video? Read on for our 9 top tips for creating and maintaining a profitable YouTube brand!

1. Recognize It Can Take A LONG Time To Turn A Profit

Viral videos are great, but many long-term, profitable YouTubers recognize that viral is a flash in the pan compared to a long-lasting career.

A good rule of thumb? Don’t quit your day job until you are making as much, or more, than your day job on your YouTube channel for an extended period of time.

Be patient, keep creating and investing in your hobby, and you’ll see rewards. YouTube viewers are savvy, and recognize people who are truly passionate about what they do, instead of just being in it to turn a quick buck.

2. Find Your Sub-Niche

There are millions of beauty vloggers, fashion vloggers, cooking vloggers – you name it. The larger genres are EXTREMELY saturated with creators. Find your sub-niche, and develop your content within that sub-nichet, whether that’s clean skincare, vegan recipes, fast fashion, or yoga.

3. Have Separate Channels For Wildly Divergent Content

Love to do cooking videos AND makeup subscription box unboxings? YouTube viewers like having very segmented content: If they want to watch your makeup tutorials, they’ll get peeved if you post a video game review. It’s totally okay to have different interests, but keep your channels separate if the interests are SUPER different. You can find more info in this blog post: Should You Have More Than One YouTube Channel?

4. Establish Relationships With Creators, Brands, and Viewers

Instagram and Facebook are experimenting with hiding “likes” from viewers – who’s to say YouTube won’t do the same? That’s why focusing on creating an engaged community of genuine relationships matters, whether those relationships are with fellow creators, fans, or brands.

5. Don’t Neglect Your SEO

SEO + metadata can sound overwhelming, but it’s not. Check out this 10 YouTube SEO Secrets post from the MagicLinks blog for more info, then implement the practices and watch your view counts soar!

6. Do Your Subject Research

Sitting down and just chatting with subscribers is great, but if you want to keep them coming back for more, you need to position yourself as an expert in your field. Do your research, credit your sources, and educate while you entertain!

7. Do Your Audience Research

Pay attention to these factors to guide your future content:
Audience demographics
Most-clicked links
Most-viewed & shared content
Comments & likes

8. Set A Consistent Schedule

If there’s one thing social media users like, it’s predictability. They like knowing they can expect new videos from their favorite YouTubers on X days of the week, and a livestream on Y day. Keeping a schedule will also keep you accountable to create new content.

9. Don’t Forget To Take A Break

YouTube is awesome, but nothing beats putting your phone & camera down and hanging out with friends and family. Make the time (yes, put it on your calendar if you need to) to disconnect from technology and join the real world. Your creativity and energy will be recharged, and you’ll be all the happier for it.

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