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Get More TikTok Followers With These Easy 9 TikTok Hacks

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TikTok is rapidly becoming the new “it” social media network, and creators shouldn’t ignore it. In addition to adding MagicLinks to your TikToks, use these 9 tips to take your TikTok from small to ginormous!

1. Use hashtags in your content.

TikTikTok uses hashtags to make your content searchable. Keep an eye on your TikTok “For You” homepage for current trending hashtags, and add any applicable ones to your newest upload.

2. Post during peak hours.

Tik Tok users are the most active between 11am and 5pm daily, so upload your videos then for maximum visibility.

3. Stay active & engaged on TikTok.

All social media networks prioritize active members, so open up the app multiple times a day, view others’ content & leave comments, and upload something to your own page. Don’t forget to engage with your own fans – followers love being able to talk with their fave creators!

4. Make sure your profile is COMPLETELY filled out.

As with any social network, your profile bio not only tells people about you, but is a way to pack in SEO to make your profile appear in more searches. Think: A clear picture, cool user name, and fun, original copy that doesn’t make people think you’re a bot.

5. Cross-post your content.

If you’re not cross-posting your content across your different channels, you’re missing out. Check out our cross-posting how-to article for more.

6. Do TikTok collabs & viral challenges.

TikTok duets are HUGE, and a great way to reach out to potential new fans. Find someone with a similar subscriber count & content as yours, and reach out to create something new & amazing. Viral challenges are another great way to tap into the current trends & reach new fans.

7. Follow & unfollow popular Tik Tok Musers.

Pinpoint the most successful “musers” in your content niche, and follow + unfollow them repeatedly until they follow you back. It causes your profile to repeatedly appear in their notifications, increasing the likelihood of them clicking to your page and following YOU.

8. Use editing software.

Making your content look professional, but still off-the-cuff, is key to a shareable TikTok. Take the time to edit your videos and make them crisp & clean.

9. Be original.

Reposts are great, but you won’t find lasting TikTok fame by just reposting others’ work. Even if you hop on a TikTok trend, make your content original and memorable.

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