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Staggering Posts Across Multiple Accounts to Optimize Revenue

It’s common sense, when you upload a new YouTube video, to promote it on all of your other social channels. After all, not all of your subscribers follow you on every channel, so you’ve gotta make sure you reach everyone!

Blasting folks with a dozen posts at the same time, though, won’t have the same effect as staggering posts out and doing teasers on different channels. Because Facebook and Instagram, in particular, have algorithms that prioritize certain posts in feeds over others, you want to post at different times on different days to reach a larger audience. Here’s an example:

  • Saturday & Sunday: Film and edit video
  • Monday: Snapchat teaser preview
  • Tuesday: Post video, do an Instagram Story on it, Tweet a link to the video
  • Wednesday: Post an Instagram photo to your feed about the video, with a link in profile.
  • Thursday: Tweet the video
  • Friday: Post a second Instagram photo to your feed

The key to this? All of these posts need to have DIFFERENT content and images relating to your video. Cross-posting the same image again and again will cause people who follow you on multiple channels to scroll on past – after all, to their eyes, it’s not new content, is it?

Some great MagicLinks creators who do an amazing job of cross-promotion are:

Crystal of SometimesGlam (speaking of, did you SEE her video where she turned our CEO, Brian, into a bearded Christmas wonderland? DYING OF LAUGHTER)


Leesha of XSparkage



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