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Five Sustainable Brands to Purchase From This Year

We know how important sustainability is to you and we’re always striving to promote conscious consumerism, so we’ve compiled a list of our current top five favorite eco-friendly brands that you should have your eye on this year. By making purposeful purchases you’re contributing to the health of our beautiful planet. 

Girlfriend Collective

Girlfriend Collective is all about recycling, reusing and rewearing by turning old water bottles into comfortable athleisure wear. Their eco-friendly products range from compressive leggings to recyclable packaging. Every order also comes with a reusable pouch made of recycled polyester. Start shopping from Girlfriend now to start earning points and earn extra benefits as you build up your loyalty membership program. 

  • Commision Rate: 20%


Pact is growing to become one of the best sustainable clothing brands out there. They specialize in growing organic cotton that not only saves water, but also reduces the amount of toxic chemicals used. Their collaboration with Fair Trade Certified Factories ensures that they’re providing the best working conditions. They also offer carbon offset shipping! Get 20% off your first order with them if you sign up for their newsletter today. 

  • Commision Rate: 15%

CuyanaCuyana is all about minimalism. Each piece is carefully designed to create the most cohesive and perfect collections of female clothing wear and accessories. They prioritize quality and quantity. They recently started a partnership with thredUP to market their Lean Closet Program (to recycle your clothes). 

  • Commision Rate: 10%


Nuuly strives to eliminate one-off purchases by giving consumers an option to give a clothing piece a second life by renting them instead. Their clothing is all hand-made, eco-friendly and socially responsible. Sign up today to subscribe and start renting 6 of your favorite items every month for just $88. You’d even get free and fast shipping, plus returns on top of every purchase. 

  • Commision Rate: $15 flat rate for new customer sign-ups



ArtistsUntold is a Black owned business that focuses on giving talented and underappreciated artists a platform for them to monetize their work without the hefty costs. You can purchase their artwork in the form of apparel or fine art sales. Not only that, ArtistsUntold has also contributed to rebuilding Animal Habitat and improving forestry. Apply now to become an artist with them and start contributing to this great cause!

  • Commision Rate: $10 gross flat rate per transaction

We’re always on the lookout for more sustainable brands to add to our network. If you’re a sustainable brand that’s interested in joining the ML community, click this link and apply to become a brand partner today!



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