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Instagram Subscriptions. How Will the New Creator Monetization Tool Change the Game?

Instagram has officially released their newest monetization feature, Subscriptions, to help creators earn a consistent income through their platform. The popular photo-sharing app’s parent company, Meta, strives to provide creators with an extensive amount of helpful money-making tools. Their focus is to aid them in expanding engagement with their followers and landing more heavy-hitting brand deals to establish a sustainable income stream. 

Last week, Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, announced that the company has begun to run initial tests on Subscriptions with a select pool of content creators. As of now, this feature is only available to select US-based creators until the company decides how they want to expand it over the next few months. 

(Photo Credit: Instagram)

Currently only 10 Instagrams creators are live with Subscriptions:

@alanchikinchow (Actor, creator and writer)

@sedona._ (Athlete)

@alizakelly (TV host)

@kelseylynncook (Dancer, actress and model)

@elliottnorris Producer and editor

@jordanchiles (College athlete)

@jackjerry (Gymnast, actor and model)

@bunnymichael (Spiritual coach)

@donalleniii (XR creator)

@lonnieiiv (Digital creator)

We know the anticipation is real, so we’ve compiled some extra details for you to start prepping for your Subscription profile. Here are the following benefits that will be available:
  • Subscriber Lives
      • Creators can broadcast exclusive Lives to their subscribers, allowing them to engage on a more intimate level. 
  • Subscriber Stories 
      • Creators can share stories solely for their subscribers’ eyes, allowing them to promote exclusive content and use interactive story stickers only with their most loyal and engaged followers.
  • Subscriber Badges 
      • Creators will see a subscriber badge next to comments and messages of their followers so they can easily identify their subscribers to connect with them .

Once the feature is available to all creators, the process is simple: Go to your profile, unlock the “subscribe” button, and start offering specific benefits for all your followers!

Creators are able to choose price points for their Subscriptions, starting at $0.99 per month to as much as $99.99 per month. In total, there are eight price points to choose from. For fans, signing up for a Subscription takes place via in-app purchases across iOS and Android and, as of now, Instagram has no plans to take a cut of the creators’ revenues.

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