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Crush Your New Year’s Resolutions With Koral Activewear

Ah, the first week of January, when gyms are suddenly full, grocery stores sell out of kale & tofu, and there are lines around the block at juice bars. It’s New Year’s Resolution season, and your subscribers are looking to you to guide them on their healthification (totally a word, no?) journey. Time to link up to Koral!

We’ve talked about Koral Activewear before, but this is the prime season to mention them in videos and posts. Not only does their workout & athleisure apparel look amazing and OOTD-worthy, but it works for you. They use the latest in fabric tech to keep perspiration off your skin, move with you, and improve oxygen delivery to muscles while reducing lactic acid buildup. You can read more about it here, but trust us: It’s amazing.

Koral has a fabulous 4.0 MagicLinks Retailer Rating for their long cookie duration, great commission rate, product exclusivity, and overall stellar buying experience. We’re currently loving everything in their newest collection, especially the Press Sports Bra ($125) and Boom Leggings ($140), personally. Of course, if you’re a fitness fashionista on a budget, the Koral sale section has tons of steals – and no one but you needs to know how much you saved. Shipping is also FREE on all orders – wahoo!

What are your fave Koral pieces?



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