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Boost Your Subscriber Count with a Giveaway!

Be honest: You clicked on this post because you saw the cheesy GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY GIVEAWAY image, right? It’s okay if you did. We’re not offended – it was the whole point! Giveaways attract people. Everyone loves getting something for free, or at least thinking they’ve got a chance to win. A giveaway is a fabulous way to thank your current subscribers, engage with them, and attract new followers to your channels! How to do it? Read on!

If you’re working with a brand already, they may be willing to provide a prize free of charge. Or, you may have unused PR items you’ve received. Not working with a brand? You’ll need to provide the prize yourself.

If a brand is supplying the giveaway, make sure you know whether the brand is responsible for mailing it, or if they will give it to you to mail. No one likes to wait for their prize!

US only? Canada only? Must be 18 or over? YouTube requires all giveaways to have a set of official rules, which must include:

  • links to YouTube Community Guidelines + an indication that entries that don’t comply will be disqualified
  • a statement of all disclosures required by applicable local, state, and federal laws, rules, and regulations and sanctions
  • Your giveaway must be compliant with Youtube Terms of Service and prizes must be awarded as outlined in your Official Rules. A legally compliant privacy notice must be included in giveaway terms & conditions: This will explain how you will use any personal data you collect for that contest and adhere only to that particular use.

Please note: You are NOT allowed to pay a third party/parties to manipulate metrics on YouTube (i.e. the # of views, likes, or subscribers) in such a way that “fails to reflect genuine user engagement with the YouTube Service.”

    Translation? Don’t buy your likes.

Your rules should also include terms of redemption. If a giveaway winner doesn’t get back to you within 24-48 hours, pick someone else. Publicly announce the winner and tag them on social media, encouraging them to check their spam email folder just in case your winner email got sent there.

An easy way to host a giveaway is to say it’s open to all subscribers – it’ll encourage people to subscribe to your channel if they aren’t already. You can also have them like a particular video or leave a comment answering a question. A contest that requires them to make a video or tweet (or other content) of their own is also a great way to engage with subscribers.

It’s always best to pick a winner at random, and our favorite way to do so fairly is Just enter the number of subscribers/likes/comments and hit “Generate” to randomly select a number.



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