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CEO & Co-Founder Brian Nickerson Featured on the Dartmouth Founders Project

Interested in becoming an entrepreneur? Not sure where to start? Our CEO and co-founder, Brian Nickerson, knows just how you feel. He’s wanted to be an entrepreneur since he was 12, and MagicLinks is the realization of a lifelong dream. Just check out our reach on YouTube and Instagram, below!

Today, Brian is featured on the Dartmouth Founders Project, talking about the ups and downs of startup life, his experiences with the Dartmouth Founders Project, the importance of a good morning routine, and the three things he looks for in team members: Passion, grit, and integrity.

    Brian says, “What I really love about the Dartmouth founders project, and why I want to support, is that as an entrepreneur it is difficult to contribute to the college financially when times are lean as an entrepreneur trying to get a startup off the ground. Just covering day to day expenses is a challenge and making GM a meaningful financial contribution to the school while in the midst of that is very challenging. Dartmouth has taken a very innovative approach to recognize that challenge and help people in positions like me give back through an equity pledge rather than a check today. I love the idea, I support it wholeheartedly, and it means the more successful MagicLinks is the more valuable my contribution back to Dartmouth will be.”

It’s a fabulous, quick read: Go check it out!

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