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Explore K-Beauty With Sulwhasoo, AmorePacific, and Laneige

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K-pop music. Korean barbeque. K-dramas (Go watch “Boys Over Flowers” and “Coffee Prince” on Netflix. You’re welcome.). K-beauty. We dunno what it is, but anything and everything Korean is so hot right now. Top industry beauty experts like Lisa Eldridge have filmed K-beauty & skincare hauls and K-beauty style tutorials, and YouTube is chock full of videos praising K-beauty products and the famed 10-step Korean skin care product regimen.

We’ve recently added three prestigious Korean beauty + skincare brands to our roster of partner retailers: Sulwhasoo, AmorePacific, and Laneige. All three are offering a premium gross commission rate of 15%. Read on for a brief overview of each brand and a couple of our favorite products!

Sulwhasoo focuses on skin care through the holistic lens of traditional Korean herbal medicine. They use natural ingredients native to Korea, raised on their own herb farms, to create legendary products like their iconic First Care Activating Serum (1) and Perfecting Cushion Brightening BB Makeup (2).

AmorePacific harnesses the antioxidant powers of green tea grown at the foot of Halla Mountain on the Pacific isle of Jeju, off the coast of Korea. Just in time for summer’s hot weather, their newly released Essential Creme Fluid (3) combines the deep moisturizing properies of a rich cream with a light, fast-penetrating fluid formula. If your lips are still chapped from winter winds, the Moisture Bound Lip Treatment is an absolute must-have (4).

Water: One of the fundamental keys to life and to beautiful, healthy skin. Laneige is inspired by the purity of water, using Water Science to give you radiant skin with products like their Water Sleeping Mask (5). If you love cleansing oils as the first step in your skin care routine, their Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil (6) is a cult classic.



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