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Featured Creator: Blanka White

Name: Blanka White

Instagram: @blanka.white

YouTube Channel: Blanka White

Twitter: @blankaawhite

How long have you been using MagicLinks? 2 years!

What does authentic communication with your subscribers mean to you? To me, it means that I create a personal relationship with my subscribers and relate to them by staying truthful with all the content I post and what I talk about.

Have you ever struggled to stay authentic on a particular topic, or with a particular promotional or vlogging partner? There are many situations where you work with a brand and they want you to say specific things about the product or service. Even on regular content I post, sometimes I feel like speaking about a certain topic could bring conflict up but at the end of the day, I will always stay authentic and never talk about something I don’t believe in.

How and why did you decide to start your channel? When I was about 10 I always found myself looking up youtube videos for everything! I’ve always had a passion for doing things myself and youtube tutorials made that easy for me and enjoyable. One day I decided that if I’m watching these so much, I should make my own. It took me a couple of channels and years to finally find what I was truly passionate for and what type of videos I wanted to create. I started my current channel in 2012.

What is the most difficult challenge you’ve faced as you’ve grown your audience? I think as your audience grows- so does the hate. At first it was defiantly hard to deal with but over time you start to learn that the love that you receive outgrows the hate any day.

What inspires you? Everything around me! I will get random bursts of inspiration at random times if I’m out, in school, watching other peoples videos, reading magazines, books, watching tv.. and more! I always try to write down any new ideas I get and start planning or best, if I can I will try to film right when I get inspired.

What are your favorite topics to vlog about? I love anything that has to do with beauty and fashion!

What causes do you care most about, and how are you involved in them? One of the main causes I care most about is the Canadian Cancer Society. I participate in Relay for Life every year at my school and it’s a very rewarding experience because I care about finding a cure.

Do you have any pets? We love pets at MagicLinks! Yes, I have one cat 🙂

What is your favorite MagicLinks feature? The create links and link wizard feature! It seriously makes my life so much easier when creating links!

What is one of the best comments you’ve ever received on one of your videos? One of the best comments I’ve ever received are probably any that have to do with me making someone happy or inspiring them! The fact that I could make someones day and even make them smile through a video, is such a rewarding feeling! and whenever I have gotten any comment that says I inspire them, it seriously makes my day and makes everything that I do worth it.

What is your favorite place to shop? Sephora, Brandy Melville, Forever 21 and so much more!

Is there anything you’d like to share with others in the community about your experience with MagicLinks? Join MagicLinks!!! It’s so easy and it makes creating links fun and easy and you get to earn a bit of cash on the side! The staff and everyone at MagicLinks are also super helpful and sweet! 🙂

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