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5 B Corp Brands MagicLinks Loves

B Corp Month: Celebrating Brands That Do Better

Speaking from experience, it’s difficult for companies to become certified B Corp brands. The B Corp application process is intense & expensive, and not all companies can afford it. Nevertheless, the data doesn’t lie: Consumers want to shop at B Corp certified brands. Employees want to work for them. Clients want to hire them. Influencers want to partner with them.

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B Corp status is fast becoming the gold standard for brands that champion sustainability, diversity, and equality. With that in mind, we’re spotlighting five of our favorite B Corp retail brands – four of whom also happen to be MagicLinks partner brands.


athleta b corp brands

Since 1998, Athleta has been fitness lovers’ go-to spot for comfortable, fashionable athletic & athleisure apparel. Athleta achieved B Corp certification in 2018, making it one of the “…[L]largest apparel brands in the world to adopt a legal structure that requires it to consider environment, workers, and community as well as shareholders in its business decisions.” (


beautycounter b corp brands

“Clean beauty” is one of those greenwashing buzzwords that make it all but impossible for the average consumer to find TRULY green products. From that need, Beautycounter was born in 2013. They have received two (yes, two!) B Corp certifications, in 2015 & 2018.

It’s not surprising, then, that every Beautycounter product is free from 1,800 potentially harmful ingredients. Every product, from skincare to makeup, is formulated to work & help bring out your inner beauty.


b corp brands callaly

Periods happen to about half of the world’s population. It’s taken a LONG time, however, for the sanitary industry to develop clean period products that, you know, actually work.

Enter Callaly. Since 2014, this British brand has devoted themselves to designing personal care products that work for all, but don’t harm the environment. The organic cotton used in their products is free from pesticides, dyes, and other harmful chemicals. Their DTC (Direct To Consumer) business model also cuts down on shipping costs & waste.


gifts for good b corp brands

Nonprofits rely heavily on grants and donations to keep the lights on. Selling products is a great way to raise capital, but marketing is expensive & requires a lot of manpower and resources. On the flip side, it’s commonplace for corporations to give gifts to clients & employees. Corporate gifting costs U.S. companies an estimated $90 billion per year, compared to the $30 billion they donate to charitable causes. Additionally, corporate gifts are often cheap, throwaway items that are bad for the environment.

Gifts For Good is here to change that. Nonprofits can partner with Gifts For Good to raise awareness & funds through meaningful gifts crafted by artisans. You can customize gifts by cause, holiday, type, and more. Gifts For Good joined the roster of certified B Corp brands in 2020.


prose b corp brands

Prose’s tagline, “Your best hair starts with custom haircare,” is no joke. New customers complete a detailed questionnaire about hair goals, their diet & lifestyle, the environment they live in, and their typical hair struggles. The result? Personally blended products made from certified clean ingredients in recyclable packaging.

Prose achieved B Corp certification in 2019. Subsequently, they use B Corp’s tenets to define their five pillars of focus: Community, Governance, Worker, Environmental, and Customer. Their goal is to treat each with respect, while furthering the business as a whole.

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