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These 5 Tips Will Change How You Monetize Your Pinterest Boards

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If you’re new to monetizing your Pinterest account, now is an excellent time to start!

MagicLinks, as the premier end-to-end content monetization platform for digital influencers, is a great way to generate affiliate links to go with your original Pinterest content.

By publishing your MagicLinks on your Pins, you add another dimension to your profile by providing your fans with ready-to-shop links. As Pinterest content is evergreen, it is the perfect spot to add lots of MagicLinks affiliate links, so that your content continues to earn revenue.

Here are our top tips to keep in mind when publishing affiliate links to Pinterest:


Having JUST product Pins on your boards makes it seem like you are only in it for the money, and not to share your moments of inspiration with others. A mix of tutorial Pins, inspirational pins, and product pins is key on each one of your boards. If you’re building a board on creating the perfect guest bathroom decor, for example, Pin the items you’d use to create the look (soap pump, artwork, tile, etc), plus sample bathroom decor photos and some DIY tutorials to get expensive looking items for less.


Every single Pin on your pages should have an original, useful, insightful description – you are positioning yourself as a Pinterest tastemaker, after all. Your detailed descriptions send signals to Pinterest, which helps them put your content in front of people who are looking for what you’re posting about. Adding hashtags to your descriptions also helps them get discovered by more people.

    Remember: Anywhere you post a MagicLink, you are required by the FTC to put a disclosure in your Pin description. We recommend adding “FTC: Some links on my page may be affiliate links, so I may earn a commission for purchases made through my Pins.” to your bio, and #affiliatelink to any Pins with MagicLinks attached.


Nothing is more obvious than a “money grabber” Pinner, who Pins any and everything trendy in an attempt to get more traffic & sales. Their descriptions are boilerplate, their images are unoriginal, and their pages are a muddle that has no clear theme or cohesion.

You wouldn’t tell your best friend to buy a product you don’t like & use yourself, so don’t do so on Pinterest – nobody likes spam! Since Pinterest content can remain relevant and searchable for months or years, focusing your attention on Pins you’re truly passionate about will serve you the best.


Glossy, magazine-style images and graphics will help elevate your Pins (and your page as a whole) to a new, professional level that inspires and entertains users. Avoid poor quality images, and take the time to make your images original so they will stand out. For more secrets to a click-worthy Pinterest image, read our article on Pin images.


Link your Pinterest account with your blog and other social platforms, so that your boards & profile are live across your other channels.

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