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10 Secrets to a Successful (and Lucrative) Livestream On Your Channels

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Everyone loves a live stream, right? Social media experts are hailing livestreaming as one of the major potential growth areas for influencers in 2020.

A livestream can involve a lot more moving parts (so to speak) than a pre-filmed + edited video, so read on for our 10 top tips to ensure your live stream is as amazing as you are!

1. Add on-screen text to alert viewers

It’s easy to miss live streams when scrolling through Facebook or other platforms, since the video is often automatically muted. Add a “now live” text notification to the bottom of the screen to let viewers know that they should stop scrolling and tune in.

2. Titles matter

A strong live stream title matters just as much as titles do for your regular pre-edited content. It helps attract search traffic, engages fans, and encourages watching.

3. Look at the camera, NOT the monitor

Eye contact in live streams is crucial, so stop checking the monitor to see how you look. This reinforces the personal, interactive feeling fans love about live streams, and can encourage more purchases.

4. Make sure your connectivity is solid

Check your internet bandwidth, camera, phone battery, etc. Nothing’s more embarrassing than your phone or internet connection suddenly dying mid-stream.

5. Test ahead of time

Not sure how well your camera picks up details on a live stream? Do a trial one on a dummy or personal/private account to a couple of close friends or family members. This will help you solve any audiovisual issues before the big event.

6. Double-check the automated publishing feature

YouTube, Facebook Live, and Instagram all have settings that automatically publish your stream at a specific time, letting you schedule a live stream in advance. It doesn’t, however, always work. Make sure your events upload as planned, and are saved to your account so fans can re-watch at their leisure

7. Have your products AND MagicLinks prepped & ready to share

No one wants to watch you awkwardly search for a link while you’re livestreaming. Dead air = dead audience. Have the products and your MagicLinks for them ready to go, so you can share links as you show items to your fans.

8. Plan your talking points

Even if your live stream is intended to be a live Q&A with your audience, you should always pre-plan a basic outline of what’s going to happen.

9. Live stream on a regular schedule

Internet users love schedules and a certain degree of predictability. Aim to live stream at least once every two weeks, on the same weekday/time of day, and promote it ahead of time so fans know to tune in and hang out with you.

10. Above all, interact with your audience

Live streams where a creator just sits and talks about themselves are boring. Encourage fans to ask questions, and get a lively discussion going!

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