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Using a Link Shortener On Your MagicLinks? Bad Idea. Here’s Why.


We love using link shortening services like, TinyURL, and the like. They make it easy to share links on social media platforms that have character limits, like Twitter. But (and you knew there was a “but” coming, right?), we don’t use them when we share MagicLinks.

Why? Two reasons.

1. MagicLinks come pre-shortened for your use.

Every time you create a MagicLink, whether that’s on our iOs app, Chrome extension, or Firefox add-on, our software automatically shortens it to a social media-friendly length. It saves you time, making it that much quicker to share links with fans when you’re on the go.

2. Using a third-party link shortening service can actually override the affiliate tracking code in a MagicLink.

Third-party shortening sites insert their own tracking codes into links you shorten, which can negate the affiliate tracking codes that link your MagicLink to your account.

Translation: You might not get the credit for the click and/or sale. No bueno.

Below, you’ll find great examples of MagicLinks sharing on different social media platforms from three top-earning MagicLinks creators. From left to right:



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