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5 Pro Secrets to Understanding and Increasing Your Conversion Rate

We toss around terms like ROI, conversion rate, engagement rate, and cookie all the time, but unless you have a marketing degree, we might as well be speaking a foreign language. If you want to turn your channels into your full-time career, though, you’ve gotta learn the lingo.

When you pitch to brands, you need to have your conversion rate ready. What’s a conversion rate?

The higher your average conversion rate, the more solid an investment you are to a brand. Read on for five pro secrets to ethically, organically grow your conversion rate!

Get Your Engagement Rate Up First

Engagement rate = how many likes, views, and comments a post or channel gets. Certain social media platform algorithms (like Instagram) prioritize posts + users with higher engagement rates. So, if you want more sales, you need to get your audience engaged.

  • Add a CTA, or Call To Action, to every post, like: “Double tap if you’re as excited for the new Urban Decay palette as I am!” “Comment below with your fave fashion trend for fall 2018!” “Tag me in the comments with #askedandanswered and the question you’ve ALWAYS wanted to ask me!”
  • Engage with your followers – respond to their comments, click over to their page and like + comment on some of their posts.
  • Use relevant hashtags and location tags to attract search traffic.

Post Your Links Everywhere

If you create a link to, say, Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Brow Pomade at Sephora, and only post it once in a YouTube video description, don’t be surprised if that link doesn’t earn you any money. Post that same link in multiple video descriptions, in an IGTV video, in your IG stories, on your ObsessedWith.It page, on multiple blog posts, on Twitter, on Facebook, on Snapchat… You get the idea.

Spreading a link’s reach increases clicks and conversions.

Add Links to Old Content

MagicLinks are evergreen – they never, ever expire. Your videos will get the most views, clicks, and sales during the initial week after they are uploaded, but continue to get views for as long as it is published. Adding MagicLinks to old content will increase your links’ reach, and earn you additional income. (P.S. If you do this, don’t forget to add your FTC affiliate link disclosures, as well.)

Call Out Your Links

Most viewers aren’t in the habit of automatically reading a YouTube video description before they watch – just the title. At the beginning + end of videos, let viewers know you’re linking everything you talk about in the description box so they can shop your recommendations.

Check Your Performance Reports

MagicLinks’ reporting software automatically calculates your conversion rates on every link you create. Check this regularly, to see which kinds of products & retailers get you the highest clicks & conversions.

*Cover image from the Alec Baldwin classic, Glengarry Glen Ross. How could we NOT use this pic?

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