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How to Find What’s Trending On YouTube

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Keeping up with the latest trending videos, hashtags, and challenges on YouTube is basically a full-time job – and you have better things to do, like creating new content! How can you sort through everything to find trends your subscribers are interested in?

Check out these great sites:

YouTube Trending Dashboard – This covers the major trends on YouTube at a glance, typically focusing on news stories, movie trailers, and newly released music videos. But, when you scroll farther down the page, you’ll see the latest hit videos from top independent influencers and creators – makeup tutorials, vlogs, comedy, tech reviews, game streaming, and more.

YouTube Trends Blogspot Blog – This official YT blog highlights innovative, popular creators, holiday-related video trends, and viral music videos.

YouTube Google Blog – Another official YT-run blog, it covers many of the same topics as the Blogspot blog, but also focuses on new YouTube upgrades & features.

Google Trends – Not only will you see the top-ranked news and pop culture stories currently being searched for & clicked on, but a graph of their search interest over the past 24 hours.

Visit them all frequently, and see what inspires your next video!



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