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Sephora’s Beauty Insider Rewards Program Just Got Personal(ized)

Sephora. Heaven on Earth. Makeup nirvana. Our favorite place to while away an afternoon, swatching Dior lipsticks and Kat Von D eyeshadows and dreaming of the day someone hands us a $10,000 Sephora gift card and says, “Go on, have fun. You deserve it.”

It’s a magical store, and we’re longtime Beauty Insiders (yes, we’re VIB Rouge, and yes, we’re a little embarrassed by it, but also proud). That’s why we’re so excited to announce some awesome, personalized changes to the Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards program!

Just to refresh your memory, here are the Beauty Insider tiers:

  • Beauty Insider: No minimum yearly spend, 1 point earned per dollar spent
  • VIB: $350 minimum yearly spend, 1.25 points earned per dollar spent
  • VIB Rouge: $1,000 minimum yearly spend, 1.5 points earned per dollar spent

The first change? More choices for your annual birthday gift. Insiders get 2 gift options, while VIB and Rouge members get 4 gift options. The third gift option for Rouge & VIB is available in the new online Birthday Boutique, accessible during the member’s birthday month: As always, gift options change regularly throughout the year. The fourth gift option? Add 250 free bonus points to your VIB or Rouge account, in lieu of the free bday gift.

Sephora’s not stopping there, though: Any member who becomes, or already is, a Rouge or VIB member in 2019 can choose 1 of 3 benefits for the year, beginning in mid-January 2019.

  • Rouge members can add 750 points to their account, and have the option to share 4 Makeup Deluxe Full Face Makeovers with friends ($200 value) over the year. They may also choose free Flash (2-day) shipping.
  • VIB members can add 500 points to their account, and have the option to keep or share 2 Makeup Deluxe Full Face Makeovers with friends ($100 value). VIBs can also choose free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

Promote the upgrades in the Sephora Beauty Insider Rewards Program to your followers today, and don’t forget to link up to your fave products at Sephora to inspire some sales!



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