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Relationship Building: The #1 Thing You Need to Do to Grow Your Channels During COVID-19

Cover image: Melissa Estrella

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A huge part of the reason why influencer marketing is so profitable can be summed up in one word: RELATIONSHIPS. Fans feel a connection & loyalty to influencers they follow, as if they’re IRL besties. Hence, they’re more likely to buy products their favorite YouTuber buys than something from a traditional commercial.

Especially now, during the global Coronavirus pandemic, building loyal relationships with your fans is CRUCIAL to growing your channels organically and garnering the attention of brands. Read on for how to best nurture and develop your fans’ relationships with you!

Answer Their Questions

Creating content in a vacuum (not paying any attention to what fans are saying in comments) is a surefire way to lose subscribers. Why? Connection and relationships.You don’t have to do livestreams every day, but taking the time to respond to comments and address user questions in videos will always give you great ROI.

Britany Raquell

Be Transparent

Having a hard time with life? Anxious about CV19 and its impact on your family & friends? Be honest. Your viewers are turning to you to escape their everyday worries, but they don’t want you pretending like everything is picture-perfect. Oh, and, BTW, don’t spread misinformation about the coronavirus. Not cool.


Make Them Smile

Everyone really, REALLY needs a laugh, these days. That’s why challenges and other viral tags are more popular than ever. Peel back your carefully structured YouTuber personality, and have some FUN. Get silly, get crazy, and enjoy the results!

Caitlyn Rae

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