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Comparing Influencer Marketing Platforms: MagicLinks vs LTK

Choosing the right influencer marketing platform has the potential to make a significant impact on the success of your campaign.

But with so many influencer platforms out there, how can you possibly know which ones will give you the best return on your investment? Is the most popular option the right one for you?

When it comes to the most recognized and reputable influencer marketing platforms, LTK and MagicLinks make the top of the list.

First, what is MagicLinks? Launched in 2015, it is a video-first, full-service influencer marketing platform that uses data-driven technology to match influencers with brands. LTK, formerly rewardStyle and, is the largest influencer marketing community and one of the first of its kind. While they operate in the same space, there are major differences between the two, which you’ll want to review before deciding what is best for your brand. 

Although both of these platforms enjoy an extensive following, you’ll want to compare value, features and services, and reviews to know whether a solution works for your goals, team, and budget. 

If you’re still trying to decide which influencer marketing platform to go with, check out this comparison of MagicLinks vs LTK to see how these two popular solutions stack up against one another.

As far as pricing for LTK versus MagicLinks, which one is the better value? The pricing models and what is included vary drastically between the two, so keep in mind 

With LTK, brands first need to purchase a subscription plan to be able to engage creators in paid campaigns. The subscription plans alone start at $417/month, or $5,000 annually, and go up from there. There is also a $2,400 onboarding fee, and each plan level is associated with a certain minimum campaign investment. For instance, under the Connect Pro plan, brands first need to commit to the annual subscription fee of $10,700. On top of that, they’ll need to invest $100K a year towards campaigns, and they’ll have access to 100 creators per month. 

With MagicLinks, there is no monthly subscription. Brands pay a one-time fee of $960 to be featured in our Creator Portal, which gives creators the ability to begin linking organically back to the brand. From there, MagicLinks’ campaigns are all priced based on the brand’s needs and goals. Campaign pricing is 100% all-inclusive, so brands will get one flat cost that covers all creator fees, gifting initiatives, and paid media boost consulting. Plus, MagicLinks provides complete end-to-end service, which we’ll dive into next!

Campaign Management & Brand Support

The major difference between MagicLinks and LTK? You’ll notice LTK’s Connect packages are all listed as self-serve. With access to the platform, you and your team will still have to do the heavy lifting of building a campaign strategy, finding the right creators, negotiating with them, and auditing and providing feedback on content. Reporting and insights are provided through their platform too. Only at the Connect Scale level will you have access to a dedicated account consultant. 

In contrast, MagicLinks takes a high-touch, all-inclusive partnership approach. Every campaign package includes start-to-finish campaign management. That means a dedicated account manager works with the brand to strategize, and from there, we handle creator casting through Match Intelligence®, contracts and negotiations, content review and monitoring, and full-funnel analytics (including brand lift!)

When considering your investment in an influencer marketing platform, it’s important to consider:

  • Whether a monthly or annual subscription is doable, on top of campaign costs
  • If you have the bandwidth to take a DIY approach, or would like a hands-on partner in campaign development & execution
  • How you’ll scale campaign costs and management as your brand grows

In addition to pricing models, there are several other big differences when looking at MagicLinks vs LTK that will impact your processes and the performance of your campaigns.

Influencer Onboarding and Support

LTK boasts the larger creator network, with over 100,000 influencers, while MagicLinks’ network is 35,000. Both platforms require an application before gaining access to the platform’s brand relationships and tools. With MagicLinks, each influencer is personally vetted by the MagicLinks team to ensure they can produce professional content that gets results. You’ll still be able to partner with influencers across a diverse spectrum that align with your brand!

Once they are accepted, MagicLinks provides individualized onboarding to each creator. This encourages quicker adoption of the Magiclinks’ tools (like ObsessedWith.It) they need to create content their followers love and quickly be paid for their efforts. By establishing and maintaining positive relationships with creators, MagicLinks is able to successfully negotiate the best rates – which keeps costs lower for brands! 

Creator Casting

When it comes to casting, LTK provides subscribed brands access to its expansive creator network. It’s up to brands to use the platform to search for the influencers they want to work with for campaigns, reach out to them, and manage relationships from there. Depending on which subscription level you choose, you may not have access to certain tiers of creators.

In comparison, MagicLinks takes the searching and guesswork out of casting. With Match Intelligence®, creators get matched to brand campaigns based on specific criteria provided, resulting in more successful, long-term relationships that continue to grow over time. Finding the right creators faster also allows brands can get their campaigns off the ground quickly. 

MagicLinks’ influencer-matching feature also helps top LTK in terms of creator diversity. In fact, diversity is built into every MagicLinks campaign, because they’ve established a minimum 30% diversity requirement when casting creators. Social media marketing is all about developing relatable content and authentic connections. With MagicLinks’ commitment to diversity, brands have the opportunity to highlight new and up-and-coming voices, while expanding brand awareness with relevant audiences.

Platform Expertise

LTK got its start with Instagram influencers and bloggers, and in many ways, has remained driven by more traditional creators. Which such a large network, there are plenty of video creators too, but LTK’s focus and reputation lie firmly in the Instagram space. For brands that want to be successful with video, they need a partner that understands the complex, nuanced video platforms. YouTube alone contains both short-form and long-form videos, and hundreds of separate communities within it, like gaming, ASMR, cooking, and beauty.

MagicLinks understands the power of video and has embraced a video-first approach, setting itself apart from other influencer marketing platforms. YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram Reels have proven that videos are an incredibly effective medium for grabbing attention, fostering engagement, and inspiring action. Why? Because video allows creators are able to show off their unique personalities and go more in-depth into products in a way that’s both entertaining and educational. That’s one reason why YouTube is the most likely influencer channel to lead to a purchase.

Diversity Focus

Casting diverse creators helps brands expand and connect more deeply with their target audiences. MagicLinks activity seeks out and encourages influencers from underrepresented groups to join our network and participate in campaigns. To underscore this commitment, in 2020, we set a 30% minimum diversity requirement for all casted campaigns — the only influencer marketing platform with a diversity standard.

And we’ve stayed true to this benchmark; in 2022 alone, MagicLinks managed hundreds of creator-casted campaigns, and achieved 100% compliance with the diversity requirement.

Chart comparing the pros and cons of MagicLinks vs LTK influencer marketing platforms

Why your influencer marketing platform matters

LTK is known as one of the originals in the influencer marketing space. It has a large influencer community and a strong reputation with top brands. However, its services remain primarily self-serve and can be prohibitive for brands looking to grow their influencer programs, without large annual commitments or needing to bring on additional team members. LTK’s area of expertise primarily lies outside of video, which is the most lucrative channel for creators.

MagicLinks, on the other hand, is among the LTK competitors that allow brands to scale their influencer programs. With a focus on partnerships, service, and community, MagicLinks is able to empower both brands and creators to create content that drives audiences to engage and act. As one reviewer put it, MagicLinks aims to maximize returns while doing the heavy lifting for brands and creators.

And if video is a part of your strategy, MagicLinks is the leader in video-focused social channels. With nine out of 10 people wanting to see more videos from brands, it’s a key strategy for driving brand awareness, consideration, and purchases.

Want to learn more about influencer marketing with MagicLinks vs LTK? Reach out to schedule a free strategy call with our team.  

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