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How to Gain a Strategic Advantage by Planning Holiday Campaigns Early 

holiday influencer campaigns - how brands can be successful by planning media early

Picture This: It’s the end of Q4. You just sent your campaign wrap reports to your stakeholders. Will their response be what you hoped for? 

The holiday season is a crucial time for brands and retailers to reach consumers. The NRF reports that consumers spend more during November and December on average, and the amount increases every year. 

holiday consumer shopping 2021

To capitalize on that market opportunity, brands should be planning holiday campaigns months in advance.

Planning Influencer campaigns now provides an advantage for brand leaders looking for reliable results later on in Q4.

Here’s Why Planning Holiday Influencer Campaigns Early Gives Your Brand an Advantage:

Strategize ahead of your competitors

Planning early allows you to build out an influencer campaign strategy in advance. By mapping your brand’s strategic goals (Brand Lift/Awareness/Sales/EMV/Etc.) back to tactics and execution, you can strategically set your course to out-maneuver your competition. 

Starting holiday campaigns with a few months of lead time also allows for the most innovative and industry-leading campaign ideas. Ask how your brand can be different and stand out on social media with casted influencer video campaigns. 

Lock in top talent at secured rates

Our data-driven approach allows us to match your brand with the perfect video influencer, but that doesn’t mean they will be available for your campaign if you wait too long. 

We recommend locking in your influencers for holiday campaigns months in advance to ensure they aren’t all booked up by the time November/December rolls around. 

From our experience, the cost of booking top video Influencer talent increases steadily up to the holiday season, so booking a campaign early can ensure your budget goes as far as possible. 

Set up holiday promotions for success with organic network acceleration

Whether you are planning a Halloween, Thanksgiving, or other holiday promotion, planning early allows you to start growing organic brand reach and engagement ahead of any special promotions to build a foundation of brand awareness. With the way algorithms work on various social channels, it may take time to build momentum. 

By getting in front of our network of 21K+ Influencers, they can link to your products and share them with their 250M+ shopper followers

The more their affinity grows, so will their audiences’. When you are ready to launch a paid campaign, your foundation is already built. 

More Effective UGC to Repurpose Elsewhere

With enough time to match with Influencers, cast a campaign, and measure the results, you can then repurpose that content across multiple channels for a higher ROAS (Return on Ad Spend).

Our brand partners are seeing success with this tactic, noticing an average CTR from this method of 1.4%, well above the industry average of .89%, and at a more efficient CPC. 

Using top-performing Influencer videos featuring your content provides a cost-effective way to get UGC (User Generated Content) that is proven to perform, with enough time to put paid spend behind it before your holiday shopping events. 

Reach a More Engaged Audience with Affinity for your Brand

Customers who love your products already have an affinity for your brand. 

But how can you find new consumer audiences that are most likely to also share that same affinity? Influencers. 

Influencers often have niche followings, and rarely promote anything that isn’t “on brand” for them. This means that their audience is likely to also enjoy the same types of things that the Influencer does. Reaching a more engaged audience that is likely to be in-market for your products makes it that much easier to convert them into customers.  

Bottom Line? Start ASAP.

Start planning for a successful campaign report now, and get ahead of the holiday rush. Our Influencer campaign experts can get your brand onto our platform for organic acceleration and guide you in campaign strategy all the way to execution. Oh – and we help cast the Influencers too. We use our data engine MatchIntelligence™  to surface the Influencers who are the best fit for your brand, and most likely to result in success. 

Let our data-driven Influencer marketing platform handle your goals for Q4. We’ve driven over $1Billion in sales for our brand partners. Find out what we can do for you: book a influencer analytics demo

Holiday Influencer Campaign Strategy Infographic

holiday campaign planning strategy infographic

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