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GymShark: Work Out. Look Fabulous. Repeat.

It’s time to upgrade: From those cheap, baggy gray sweatpants that never seem to stay put during runs. From that flimsy sports bra that leaves your girls bouncing all over the place. From that old college tee shirt that has more holes in it than a block of Swiss cheese. Time to upgrade to Gymshark!

One of the most recognizable brands in performance fitness apparel, Gymshark is beloved by millions of athletes (and athleisure apparel lovers) all over the world. With customers in 131 countries and over 3 million followers on social media, they stay on top of all the latest health, fitness, technology, and fashion trends to keep you outfitted in the very best.

Gymshark offers MagicLinks community members premium commission rates and a MagicLinks Retailer Rating of 2.8 out of 5, for their incredible online shopping experience, commission rate, customer loyalty, and mobile shopping experience.

Want to try out some Gymshark apparel? We can’t get enough of the Gymshark Fusion Leggings ($56) and the Gymshark Quartz Sports Bra ($38) for workouts, and the insanely comfy Gymshark Impulse Joggers ($29.40 on sale) and Gymshark Cropped Hoodie ($38) for relaxing downtime.



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