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Creator Spotlight: Hyphykevinn

At MagicLinks, we believe in celebrating and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community every day of the year. To honor Pride Month, we’re highlighting the vibrant and diverse world of LGBTQIA+ creators from the MagicLinks community who inspire us with their authentic voices, creativity, and unwavering passion for their communities. 

Kevin Maya, the voice behind TikTok account @hyphykevinn, celebrates masculinity and femininity by blending his love for Mexican western culture with his affinity for everything beautiful. This fuse of vaquero aesthetics with striking makeup and fashion birthed Maya’s magnetic persona known as La Hyphy. Maya shares how he navigates his creative path, draws strength from his roots, and celebrates the fusion of cultures that shape his artistic expression.
How has your identity informed your creative process and the content you create?
I felt as a young teen being super masculine and pretty was not seen as normal. I have always liked to be intriguing and pretty, but in an old Mexican household, it was looked down upon. Mixing such strong cowboy features with femininity was a big no-no, but for me, it was so freeing. At the end of the day, I loved my Mexican old western culture. So I proceeded to mix cowboy with makeup and I got La Hyphy!
What role has your personal community played in your growth as a Creator?
I have gotten a lot of support from my Latin community, especially older women. I thank them every day. I have come to understand that Mexican men don’t necessarily think the content I make is ugly, it’s something that they’ve never seen before. I like to think I show off who I am in a clean, polished way. I do want to thank haters though, the Mexican community, or any community that has an opinion on what I post. Thank you because without your comments there would be no debate or discussion. That’s what I like most, showing people they can be wrong. It makes me think differently and grow as a creator.
Can you share any significant collaborations or achievements that have had a profound impact on your creative career? What made it particularly meaningful or memorable for you?
My two big [achievements] would be meeting people who I watched as a kid on TV. El Yak is a Mexican singer who I’ve been listening to since freshman year.  Being able to just talk and dance with him was so real. Also, an influencer, miss Jenny69 is someone I can relate to in similar ways. I grew up watching her in high school. To be able to call her a friend is amazing. You really can influence your own life through dedication and hard work. That will always stick with me.
How can brands effectively collaborate with LGBTQIA+ creators in a meaningful and authentic way?
Collaborating with someone in our community is very simple: hear us out and let us be who we are. Many LGBTQIA+ creators were hiding for too long and just want to be seen for who they are now.
Can you share any advice or words of encouragement for aspiring LGBTQIA+ creators who may draw inspiration from your journey?
You can make your own path in life—you are on it as we speak. You might not know it yet, but this world is supposed to work for you, not against you. Bumps on the road are a balance. You just need to know how to grow from them to make you better. You are one in a billion. Take this life that was given to you and make it into a crazy dream that you never knew was possible. I love you god loves you!
When it comes to personal style, what reflects the essence of your truest self?
A signature for my style really does have to do with my energy. Some would say that colors and how you wear clothes can tell how a person feels. I love trying new things that aren’t necessarily made for “boy bodies”. I think I feel my truest self when I can walk around in my comfortable cowboy boots, [casual] or dressed up pants, with a pop of a fresh colored collared shirt… of course with some sexy lingerie under to keep the balance!

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