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Creator Spotlight: DwayneXO

At MagicLinks, we believe in celebrating and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community every day of the year. To honor Pride Month, we’re highlighting the vibrant and diverse world of LGBTQIA+ creators from the MagicLinks community who inspire us with their authentic voices, creativity, and unwavering passion for their communities. 

Dwayne Prater, the creative force behind TikTok account DwayneXO, effortlessly captivates an audience of 141K devoted followers with his magnetic personality and irresistible sense of style. Ahead, Dwayne reveals the influence of his personal identity on his creative process, the impact of his personal community on his growth as a Creator, and shares empowering advice for fellow LGBTQIA+ Creators, illuminating a path to authenticity and self-expression.
How has your identity informed your creative process and the content you create?
I identify as someone who’s unapologetically and authentically themselves by portraying my fun and outgoing personality to all those who desire to enjoy this hot mess. I don’t prioritize the opinion of others so I am not hesitant to do things that may be cringy or not popular to the human eye.
What role has your personal community played in your growth as a Creator?
If it wasn’t for all the bestie babes in my life providing an enormous amount of support and reassurance, I would not be as confident to express my authentic self.
Can you share any significant collaborations or achievements that have had a profound impact on your creative career? What made it particularly meaningful or memorable for you?
I recently had the pleasure to work with Dior for a Mother’s Day gifting campaign. I was insanely grateful to share this experience with one of my biggest supporters; my mom. Being able to receive endless love from her in anything I do is truly a blessing I’ll never take for granted.
How can brands effectively collaborate with LGBTQIA+ creators in a meaningful and authentic way?
As Pride month comes around brands curate Pride collaborations but the ones that mean the most to me are those who use their proceeds for a greater good.  A brand I am currently working with is donating $75,000 to The Trevor Project, a non-profit organization that narrows its focus to suicide prevention in the LGBTQIA+ community. Don’t just plaster rainbows on PR and call it supporting.
Can you share any advice or words of encouragement for aspiring LGBTQIA+ creators who may draw inspiration from your journey?
To my fellow or upcoming LGBTQIA+ besties, please stay forever true to you. This earth was meant for you to leave a trail that no one else can pave and no matter how stormy it gets, you are capable of the unthinkable! Support and love go a long way so only keep those around you who provide an abundance of it!
When it comes to personal style, what reflects the essence of your truest self?
I will ALWAYS wear the clothes, never let the clothes wear me. Meaning fashion doesn’t have a gender, wear what you want and be unapologetic about it. I wear pieces that exude confidence and boldness but better yet tell a story. Some stories are fun, scary, romantic, experimental, etc. Nevertheless, you’re the author so make it a colorful story!

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