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Community Management 101: A 5-Step Plan for Keeping Fans (and Brands) Happy

Your subscriber community is key to your channels’ success: Properly managing interactions, keywords, and more will ensure your fans return to your channels, recommend them to friends, and share your content. Read on for a community management schedule that will make your fans, and brands you work with, happy & engaged.

1. Always

Disclose any brand sponsorships, affiliate links, or gifted products. The FTC mandates it, and your fans have the right to know.

2. Daily

Interact with your fans. Like & reply to their comments & content on their channels, ask engaging questions that spark a friendly discussion, and address trolls/ respond to fan complaints before they have a chance to do damage.

3. Weekly

Set up @ alerts for your name, your brand name, and any other keywords relevant to your channel. Tracking your mentions is key to staying on top of small issues. Respond to both comments and complaints.

4. Biweekly

Livestream with fans on one of your channels. Keeping a set schedule – “tune in every other Wednesday at 6pm PST!” – makes it an event fans look forward to and wont want to miss.

5. Monthly

Poll your fans to see what they want from you, content-wise – Instagram Stories Polls are great for this!. What trends do they want to incorporate into their makeup, ahir, or wardrobe? What do they want your input on? What kinds of videos do they love? Be sure to check your overall views & likes/comments, to see which videos are getting the most attention.

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