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Flower Beauty and Milk Makeup

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Drew Barrymore has come a LONG way from her 1990s party girl days, but she never let go of her inner flower child. Her makeup line, Flower Beauty, is devoted to providing the best quality cosmetics at affordable prices, so everyone can feel beautifully empowered in their own unique skin. All products are cruelty free, too!

Flower Beauty recently launched with MagicLinks. We’ve picked out a few of their best-rated products to get you started on your Flower Beauty makeup tutorial or haul video. Link up today and be a part of the #flowerbeauty family!

1. Lip Radiance High Shine Lip Lacquer ($9, in 5 colors)

2. Flower Pots Powder Blush ($10, in 3 colors)

3. Ultimate Sponge 3 In 1 Blending Sponge ($10)

4. Take A Brow Eyebrow Kit ($11)


At Milk Makeup, there are no rules. Pretty much every product is multi-use, and in an easily transportable solid stick form that’s easy to apply one-handed, on the go. All products are super good for your skin, too – paraben-free and packed with ingredients like vegetable oils, hydrating butters, and sunscreens protect and nourish while making you look fab.

Milk Makeup is currently available at Sephora. Below, we’ve linked to a few of their top-rated, bestselling products. Link up to Milk today!

5. Blur Stick ($36)

6. Holographic Stick ($28, in 2 colors)

7. Flex Concealer ($28, in 8 colors)

8. Lip + Cheek Stick ($24, in 4 colors)



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