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Featured Creator: Naida of QueenOfDraguns

Name: Naida Marin

YouTube Channel: QueenOFDraguns

Twitter: @Queenofdraguns

Instagram: @queenofdraguns

Website: Everyday Career Girl

How long have you been using MagicLinks? I have been on MagicLinks a little over a year.

What does authentic communication with your subscribers mean to you? I love my subscribers, if it wasn’t for them I would be posting videos or pictures to my social media account. I love creating new authentic content as often as I can.

Have you ever struggled to stay authentic on a particular topic, or with a particular promotional or vlogging partner? Oh god yes. At 1st I was confused on social media and I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into. Thanks to a few friends, I am revamping my IG account and soon I’ll be uploading new and better content on my IG.

How and why did you decide to start your channel? I wanted to start my channel because I simply love makeup. All my friends and family tell me that I should show people how to do makeup. At 1st I didn’t want too since I saw a lot of beauty gurus and I always thought I wasn’t going to be good enough until my boyfriend convinced and me and saw I was struggling with a few things so he brought me a new mic since the one on my old computer wasn’t good enough and he brought me my 1st high end makeup which was MAC Cosmetic.

What is the most difficult challenge you’ve faced as you’ve grown your audience? Being consistent, I have a lot going on including school, growing my brand still and now I own my own company, Everyday Career Girl.

What inspires you? The one thing that inspires me is family, I want to be able to support my parents since they have always been supportive of me. My parents mean the world to me and they have always tried their best to give me everything I wanted and have supported me with school.

What are your favorite topics to vlog about? I currently don’t vlog, I was going to last year for my 25th birthday at Key West but I didn’t like how the videos came up since some were filmed portrait and some landscape.

What causes do you care most about, and how are you involved in them? The cause I care about the most is domestic violence. I have met a few people who have been abused and it’s important that we bring an end to domestic violence. No woman or men should go through that at all.

Do you have any pets? We love pets at MagicLinks! I used to, I had a 20g tank of guppies and glow fishes and the ugly look algae eater which my dad called a shark since it was huge.

What is your favorite MagicLinks feature? I have no idea, I love everything about MagicLinks.

What is one of the best comments you’ve ever received on one of your videos? To keep doing a good job. That was my 1st comment on my video and I was happy because at least someone watched my video and that motivated me to keep going.

What is your favorite place to shop? SEPHORA DUH!! I love that store way too much. I am finally a VIB Rouge and I was really happy when they told me that. Thanks to my best friend and my boyfriend they helped me reach it. Since everyone knows I love that store everyone got me gift cards for my 25th bday and I made sure I used it all. When I just need $250 to reach it, my boyfriend took me shopping since I need makeup and he spent a little bit over that amount as a Christmas gift.

Is there anything you’d like to share with others in the community about your experience with MagicLinks? If they want to make money or some type of revenue, to try MagicLinks. This website is amazing plus it’s free to use all year long. The website does provide links to pretty much all products you can think of.

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