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CURRENT/ELLIOTT Makes Fashion Easy

Welcome to Brands You Should Know, where we give you the lowdown on the hottest trending brands and stores that partner with MagicLinks. A huge part of being a successful content creator & influencer is staying on top of trends, and we’re dedicated to helping you do just that, quickly and easily.

Quick: How many pairs of jeans do you have in your wardrobe, right now? You probably can’t put a number on it, just, “Lots”, right? And yet, you always want more, because you’re searching for that *perfect* pair that fits oh-so-perfectly and makes you look like a million bucks? Us, too.

Thanks to CURRENT/ELLIOTT, our search for the perfect pair of jeans is over. Their covetable jeans and clothes have their roots in vintage Americana, with iconic fits, perfectly considered details, and timeless silhouettes. As the innovators of the now-classic boyfriend jean, CURRENT/ELLIOTT is devoted to reinventing denim with an eye towards authenticity and sophistication.

CURRENT/ELLIOTT just increased their gross commission rate for MagicLinks community members. Check out the must-have new arrivals linked below, and link up to CURRENT/ELLIOTT today!

MagicLinks recommends: The Paperbag Fling Jean ($218, in 2 colors), the Perfect Shirt ($198, in 2 colors), the Stiletto Skinny Jean ($208, in 18 colors/finishes), the Destroyed Knit Sweater ($298, in 2 colors) the Suede Fray Popover Top ($398), and these pearl-embellished Fling Relaxed Fit Jeans ($328).



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