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Why Do Commissions Take FOREVERRRR To Be Locked In?

It’s a familiar story: YouTuber meets affiliate marketing company. YouTuber falls in love. YouTuber creates a zillion links and posts them on all their videos. YouTuber sees that they’re getting loads of clicks and sales. YouTuber gets excited for their upcoming commission payment. YouTuber waits. And waits. Annnnnd waits. And continues to wait, for what feels like forever. YouTuber starts to wonder if they need to pull a Rihanna.

We get it, we totally do. You know that your MagicLinks are getting clicks, and that your subscribers are making purchases. You can see ‘em on your Performance Reports’ Clicks and Revenue page, so where’s the money?

We’re not holding back on you, we promise.

Where’s the money? In affiliate limbo. Most retailers build in a window of 30-90 days post-sale before they will lock down commissions. This window is to account for possible returns, exchanges, and canceled orders; after all, they don’t want to pay commissions on products that were returned, because that’s not a sale for them in the end.

As the purchases your followers have made through your link pass the merchant’s preferred time frame for returns & exchanges, you’ll see them move from the Pending Open Commissions box on your Performance Reports Payment page to the Payment Due (Locked In, To Be Paid) box.

Just a reminder: Commission payments are distributed on the 1st of the month via PayPal, when your Locked In Commissions total is $50 or more.



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  1. Is there any way to know which retailers have 30, 60, or 90 day delays?

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      At this time, no. Many retailers change their delay window frequently, particularly around the holidays. We can look in to specific retailers for you if you like, though: Which retailers did you have questions about?


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