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Most influencers and creators are not affiliate marketing experts – it’s a complex, constantly evolving industry, and that’s why MagicLinks exists. We take care of all of the affiliate relationships, commission negotiations, and promotions for you, so you just have to link up to products you love and share ‘em with your subscribers! Still, it’s important to know the basics of affiliate marketing, which is why we’re starting Affiliate Marketing 101, a tips series for the average creator.

PPC and PPS are terms you’ll hear a LOT as a creator. What do they MEAN, though?

  • PPC: Pay Per Click. This means that you get paid a flat fee (usually between $0.01 and $1.00) for every unique visitor you send to a retailer through your link. You’re paid for each unique click. This isn’t a very common method of compensation, as it can be very costly for the retailer without actually resulting in sales.
  • PPS: Pay Per Sale. The most common kind of affiliate compensation, Pay Per Sale rewards an affiliate partner for sales made through their unique tracking link. This is why each MagicLink has your unique member code embedded in it, so the retailer knows exactly who sent the traffic & converted the sale for them. Sales are typically for the entire final value of the shopping cart purchase, not just the item linked to. So, if you link to a lipstick at Sephora, and a fan buys the lipstick, a brow gel, and a moisturizer, you’ll get a commission based on the final value of that entire purchase, not JUST the lipstick. Commissions range from 4%-30%, depending on retailer.

There are pros and cons to both PPC and PPS, but the more reliable method will always be PPS – commissions are larger, and retailers can’t try to accuse affiliate partners & creators of click stuffing. (Yes, click stuffing is a thing, and it’s fraud. Don’t even try.)

MagicLinks partners with over 2,500 popular online retailers, and we’re constantly renegotiating rates to get you the largest commissions in the industry. Browse our MagicLinks Retailer Ratings to get a feel for which retailers will offer you the best bang for your linking buck.

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  1. Hi Janet Cowan,

    My name is JIJO and I am a creator in youtube. I would like to know how a retailer can join with Magic link. Because I have a client he is looking to sell his products through magic links. I know retailer should make some type of tie-up with Magic link. Can you give me any kind of knowledge regarding this or can you share any article regarding this? Thank you for your co-operation.

    1. Hi Jijo, Please email with more information. Thank you!

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