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The Importance Of Maintaining Your Own Website

Instagram changes its algorithm all the time. So do Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Google… There’s always a new change being announced, leaving creators scrambling to figure out how to get their posts in front of their followers and potential new followers. There’s also always the threat of a social media site shutting down for good and taking YOUR content with it (RIP, Vine).

What’s a creator to do? Maintain your own website, that’s what. The keys to a good site are:

  • Clean, minimalist-yet-standout design. If graphic design isn’t your forte, consider hiring someone
  • Good, original copy
  • Good, original photography
  • A variety of content: Reviews, tutorials, follow-me-arounds, travel, etc, in text, video, and photographs
  • An easily navigable mobile site, since most web surfing and online shopping is done via mobile phones, these days. (Pro Tip: Consider using AMP for your site. It helps mobile page content load faster, and helps bump your page up in Google’s search results)

So long as you pay your hosting fees, no one can take your site from you. You can upload all your content (Instagram photos, YT videos, etc) to your site, and produce additional fresh content for it that sets your brand apart. AND…. You can have all your MagicLinks posted on an evergreen site that will never get taken down.

Having your own site will also help boost your verifiable page views, engagement rates, and such. This is key for media kits and proving ROI (return on investment) for brand partnerships.

So what are you waiting for? Go forth and create a website!



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